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Senin, 25 Januari 2010

West Papuan Traditional Food

There are two types of staple food in West Papua.
Sago, mostly consumed by Papuans in coastal areas: Biak, Serui, Jayapura, Merauke, etc. People don't normally grow sago as they grow wild all over the coastal areas. Normally people do not work hard here, fish is available, pork and others are in the jungles, and sago grows everywhere.

Sweet Potato, we who in the highlands grow and eat this as our staple food. Our main source of protein is pork, and also culturally very valuable. It was used to pay bride-price, pay fines, buy forests/trees to build houses, and it still has a very high value here. We work hard here to make garden, plant, breed, and grow the crops and animals, no wild pigs here as those in the coastal areas.

Coastal Papuans are generally referred to as the Austro-Melanesians, ancestors originated from Asia. Highlands are Papua-Melanesians, ancestors until today are not yet identified, but generally referred to as native Papuans in this land.

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